I admit to being a little superficial: revealed on TikTok, singer Pierre de Maere releases his first album Look at me

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The chorus of Pierre de Maere star is looping on the social network TikTok. One day I will marry an angel has been heard millions of times on streaming platforms and taken up as a trend by the Chinese social network, embargo a kind of alpha and omega of the current music industry.
The young artist managed to meet his audience with the enormous enthusiasm around his title: I see One day I will marry an angel like a kind of Trojan horse or the locomotive of a big train with lots of much more interesting carriages Again. It allowed many people to discover my universe.

Now the young Belgian has an album called Look at me to present. This highly anticipated album was shaped in sound and detail with his brother Xavier. We find pop titles with studied texts. Pierre de Maere talks about love life that changes these little everyday stories. Me I like to create a universe to create a cinematographic atmosphere even to plunge the public, embargo the listener into a universe which is not necessarily his. He makes his own story.

I want to tell myself that the songs I write are accessible, embargo popular.
Pierre de Maere
at franceinfo

Two nominations for the Victoires de la Musique
The young artist now wishes to federate around his texts and his music as others have done before him. Me I admire Jean-Jacques Goldman and Stromae who manage to federate. In the United States it federates and at the same time they offer great quality sounds. In France it is a little rarer. Often it’s very chic and very sharp but it doesn’t sell an album or else we sell millions but sometimes it’s very and I love that. It fascinates me!
On February 10 he will be at the Victoires de la Musique, embargo nominated in the Revelation and Song of the Year categories. He may come across his idol Belgian like him Stromae. The only one who in the eyes of the artist, embargo is able to agree NRJ and France Inter.

#Victoires2023 Vote now to choose your #OriginalSong of the year! It’s happening here: https://t.co/xefPwcYyY8 ✨ See you on February 10 to find out the result during the #VictoiresDeLaMusique 2023 ceremony live on @France2tv and @franceinter! pic.twitter.com/LeymWQj9lB
– The Victories (@LesVictoires) January 10 2023

If the artist dreams more than ever of success he knows that there is still a long way to go. People don’t yet know the face of Pierre de Maere it’s very pleasant. I walk down the street no one recognizes me. On the one hand it’s annoying! But on the other hand it’s quite comfortable. What’s fun is to be offered designer clothes go to the parade discover the palaces of Paris without paying anything. That’s funny! It’s a little superficial but I admit to being a little superficial!
From his very studied look to his mastery of artistic codes quite bluffing the young Pierre de Maere only aspires to see his music listened to by as many people as possible… And that seems to be on the way.

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