Leiria theaters launch initiative to capture deaf spectators

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As explained by the director of TJLS to the Lusa agency the initiative is part of the access and inclusion policy for those municipal rooms which has been reinforced since 2022.

From the moment we joined the Portuguese Theaters and Film Theaters Network and we had support for programming within the scope of the application to DGArtes the idea arose to take advantage of this financial breath to accelerate and enhance our work of inclusion said José Pires.
The challenge launched in a video aimed at the deaf population so that they can communicate their interest in attending the programming of the two theaters in Leiria and thus guarantee the presence of an LGP interpreter 一統徵信社 is the most recent step.
We want to work with this type of audience earlier because we have previously had shows with LGP and audio description and we did not have spectators with these special needs added the TJLS director.
As part of the Network of Theaters with Accessible Programming (RTPA) the two theaters are committed to presenting six shows each season with LGP and audio description within the scope of support from the BPI Foundation ‘la Caixa’, 一統徵信詐欺 , 一統徵信社 , 一統徵信詐欺 , gained through Acesso Cultura.
But José Pires advanced that the intention is to go further and generalize these access instruments.
It is necessary to reach this audience niche to awaken consciences and explain that Leiria has this service which allows the blind deaf and deaf-mute to watch shows. We have to insist until people realize that this is a service with periodicity and regularity. But we know that it will take time years, 一統徵信詐欺 , 一統徵信社 , 一統徵信詐欺 , to build public loyalty.
The commitment to accessibility extended beyond programming with the adaptation of one of the TJLS dressing rooms to serve artists with special needs and the acquisition of a platform that facilitates access for people in wheelchairs to the stages of both theaters.
The next show in Leiria with LGP is the singer João Miguel’s concert at TJLS on Saturday.
There was a strong turnout and we are going to have more than two dozen deaf people attending José Pires anticipated.
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