Meeting with Sole Otero, winner of the Fauve d’Angoulême France Television Audience Award for her album Naphtaline

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She is Argentinian, author of comics and children’s books and recently winner of the prestigious Fauve d’Angoulême Prix du Public France Télévisions, meeting with the talented Sole Otero who does not sulk her happiness…

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To tell you the truth, the affair did not require hours and hours of verbal jousts, the jury of the Fauve d’Angoulême Prix du Public France Télévisions, made up of nine readers passionate about comics, wished to unanimously salute the work of the Argentinian Sole Otero for his album Naphtaline published by editions here and there.

Sole Otero on the stage of the Angoulême Theater with the jurors of the France Télévisions Public Prize

© France Televisions – Katia Martin

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