Musique Voyageuse, a Buenos Aires management project, celebrates 1 year in France this March 8 in a city candidate for European cultural capital

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Musique Voyageuse, or Traveling Music, is a French-Chilean project created by Nicky González from Buenos Aires and inspired by the figure of the artist Violeta Parra, which promotes the participation of female musicians and amateur singers in the local scene.

Born in Chilean Patagonia in 2019, it owes its name -“Música Viajera”-, to the fact that in the beginning its manager toured various regions of Chile in search of women who made music and who were beginning their musical journey in the Aysén Region. , Los Lagos, Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Metropolitan.

On March 8, 2022, it made its debut in the Franco-Catalan city of Perpignan (Perpignan/Perpinyà) with good acceptance and participation. There are already 22 nationalities from different parts of the world represented by this project with 16 concerts given in Perpignan (French-Catalan city), just before the third in Montpellier, along with two tributes to Violeta Parra in Paris, in the same bar where she sang in the 1950s, added to the 13 carried out in Chile (4 carried out in Patagonia, 3 in Los Lagos, 3 in Valparaíso, 3 in Coquimbo and negotiations in the metropolitan area with the Violeta Parra Museum, prior to the loss of its old premises) with an approximate participation of 200 women in total, and 122 in the Occitanie Region, southern France.

Nicky is a cultural manager and composer born in Cerro Alegre, she was one of the 50 participants in the Mon Laferte show in Viña del Mar in 2020 and founder of the La Casa de los Peces Cultural Center in Valparaíso for cultural accessibility:

“For me, revitalizing the legacy of Violeta Parra from the management and dissemination of other girls is an offering that I give in life because her story inspires me and makes me feel represented in some ways. Each concert is a birth, with a gestation behind it, which is why I commemorate it with sonorous daughters, which are also born from a compilation work that I carry out in the cities that I visit. Singing together with women of different nationalities the hymn of Gracias a la vida is encouraging to continue with these meetings full of feminine power and that this March 8 will be one year in this territory, and I hope as so far, the project can visit other places and countries, as well as to make a deeper link between music from France and Chile”

The next Musique Voyageuse concert is the Journée Musicale des Femmes (meetings of women in music) that will take place on March 8 at the Montpellier Media Library, in which 10 women from 5 countries will participate, plus 30 women who will interpret the “Song without fear”. This concert will be broadcast online on the Project platforms on Facebook and Instagram and

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