‘Ndrangheta, Massimiliano Sestito escapes from house arrest: “He tampered with the electronic bracelet”

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A convicted convict Massimiliano Sestito escaped on the evening of January 30 from the house where he was serving home detention in Pero in the province of Milan. According to the Carabinieri, 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 the man tampered with the electronic bracelet to escape. Sestito is believed to be affiliated with the Catanzaro ‘Ndrangheta. He has convictions for two murders one of which for the of a Carabinieri officer in 1991 Renato Lio and the other for a boss Vincenzo Femia in 2013. he He had been released from Terni on 12 January last. The investigations are in charge of the Carabinieri of Milan.
He had already escaped in 2013
Sestito is 52. He had already escaped in August 2013 while he was in semi-freedom granted by the Roman prison of Rebibbia. He had then been re-arrested while he was at the seaside in the province of Salerno. The man is believed to be a member of the Calabrian gangs. After the of the Carabinieri officer he had been “reprimanded” for that which took place at a checkpoint in Soverato on August 20, 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 1991. A that would have caused too much havoc in the area. Sestito fired three shots at point-blank range at the officer who while his colleague checked the documents was preparing to search the car in which he was in the company of others later judged to be unrelated to the fact.
A fugitive for about a year he was then and sentenced to life imprisonment in the first degree in 1993. The sentence was then reduced to thirty years on appeal again in 1993. The boss Vincenzo Femia, 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 76 years old from Calabria from the gang of San Luca and resident in Rome was instead in the car. The man was in Rome on the Ardeatina. A that was believed to have matured in a clash between ‘ndrine with a conflict for hegemony over trafficking which for the first time had moved from Calabria to Rome. It was January 24 2013. In 2021 for that Sestito was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Appello ter process after two postponements by the Cassation.
Salvini’s protest
“I’ll give the minister a ring to find out who the judge is who had decided that a killer who should have been in was under house arrest”. To say it is the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. “We are focusing on a profound reform of justice: separation of careers civil liability of the judge who makes a mistake because the minister can approve the best laws in the world but if someone then lets a lifer sentenced out…”. Matteo Salvini spoke to Orario Continuato on Telelombardia. “But there will be the name and surname of whoever signed this permit”.
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