Official inauguration of the new building of the Faculty of Languages ​​Tuxtla of the UNACH

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• The work was built with resources generated by the services provided by the academic unit.
• The event was headed by the rector Carlos Faustino Natarén Nandayapa and the director of the Faculty, Vanina Herrera Allard.
The rector of UNACH, Carlos Faustino Natarén Nandayapa, and the director of the Faculty of Languages ​​Campus Tuxtla, Vanina Herrera Allard, officially inaugurated the building that houses the Open Air Theater and the University Cafeteria of this academic unit.
During the event it was revealed that the cafeteria consists of 413 square meters of construction with space to receive 80 diners, stationery, two warehouses, a winery and a medical clinic.
As for the Open Air Theater, it has an extension of 88.5 square meters that are divided into the area for the stage and dressing rooms, while in front of it there is a multipurpose plaza with 620.5 square meters.
Likewise, it was reported that for the construction, the management authorities allocated 9 million pesos, resources obtained with their own income from 2018 to 2022.
These incomes were possible through foreign language teaching services through its Department of Languages, Self-Access Center and Self-financing Courses; in addition to certifications made based on the Common European Reference Framework with the Cambridge, TOEFL, Goethe institute, DELF and DALF exams and the APTIS exam.
The construction benefits not only the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching English and the Master’s Degree in Language Didactics, which are offered in this academic unit, but also the thousands of people who complement their professional and personal training with Chinese courses. Mandarin, Italian, German, French and English, which they also do through normal and self-financing courses.
Also part of this inauguration were the Permanent Secretary of the Governing Board, Alejandro Francisco Herrán Aguirre and the members Ligia Margarita Domínguez Castañón; Daisy Escobar Castillejos and Francisco Guevara Hernández; in addition to the General Secretary, María Eugenia Culebro Mandujano and the former director and teacher of this Faculty, Mónica Miranda Megchún.

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