#OnVousRépond: tariff shield, gas-electricity window, taxes… Our answers to your questions about the increase in energy bills for businesses

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For several months, craftsmen and small businesses have been faced with soaring energy prices. What aid is provided by the state? How can I benefit from the gas-electricity help desk? France 3 Alpes answers the questions you have asked us over the past few days.
Artisans and small businesses are the collateral victims of the energy crisis. Many bakers or butchers have seen their electricity or gas bills triple in recent months. Many devices exist to face this crisis but it is not always easy to find your way around.
Electricity buffer, tariff shield, energy mediator… You had many questions about the systems put in place by the State to help VSEs to face this energy crisis. You have asked us them via our dedicated form. In this article France 3 Alpes answers you.
Laurent, butcher-charcutier: my subscription has come to an end and the prices are multiplied by 10. I have been advised to appeal to the energy ombudsman, is this a good idea?
The Energy Ombudsman is an independent public authority that can help individuals as well as small businesses.
On its website, the mediator has published a comparison of the prices of the various electricity suppliers. This can guide you to choose the best subscription. Do not hesitate to compare offers and negotiate your contract.
It should be noted that companies that are supplied with low voltage (i.e. with a meter with a power less than or equal to 36 kVA) can at any time revert to the regulated EDF tariff. Prices are set by the state and the increase in electricity is limited to 15% this year.
Some suppliers signed a charter last October in which they undertake to make offers. The list can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Energy Transition.
Finally, in the event of a dispute with your supplier at the time of contract renewal, you can contact the mediator with a written complaint.
Gino, mason: how to be entitled to the electricity shock absorber? How can I benefit from the gas-electricity help desk?
Smaller companies with an electricity meter below 36kVA can benefit from the tariff shield. This concerns companies with less than 10 employees and whose turnover does not exceed 2 million euros per year. Thanks to this tariff shield, the increase in the price of energy is limited to 15%.
Small businesses not eligible for this shield may qualify for the electricity buffer. To benefit from it, you must send your supplier a certificate of eligibility which can be found on their website.
Please note that it must be completed before March 31. A discount of around 20% will then be reflected directly on your invoice.
The gas-electricity assistance desk is an aid that can be combined with the tariff shield or the electricity buffer.
To receive it, there are 2 conditions: your energy expenses must represent 3% of your turnover and your bills must have increased by 50% between 2022 and 2021.
You can apply for this aid on the website of the Department of Public Finances, and obtain all the necessary information on the website of the Ministry of the Economy.

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