San Esteban: Mayor Christian Ortega presented Fiesta de la Chaya 2023 with an innovative decentralization proposal

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The festivity will also take place in the Llanos Norte and Lo Calvo sectors, in addition to the main square, where different national artists will perform between February 21 and 25.
This Thursday, February 9, the mayor of the San Esteban commune, Christian Ortega Villagras, announced the dates on which the Chaya 2023 Festival will take place in the commune, highlighting the decentralization initiative, also taking the festivity to the sectors of Llanos Norte and Lo Calvo.
“This year 2023 we are going to return to the festival of La Chaya, which is one of the traditional festivals of our commune. The emergencies have passed to a certain extent, returning to normality, especially with our neighbors in San Francisco and Campos de Ahumada. According to our programming, we could already return with La Chaya in this year 2023”, commented the mayor of San Esteban, Christian Ortega Villagras,
The event, which has not been held since before the covid 19 pandemic, will take place in the Plaza de Armas de San Esteban between February 21 and 25, where different national and local artists will perform. The mayor invited the neighbors to be attentive to the communal social networks, where the list of artists and programming will be reported.
As a commitment to decentralization, the Chaya in Llanos Norte will take place on February 17, starting at 8:00 p.m. in the square of sector Y in Lo Calvo on February 18 from 8:00 p.m. also in the characteristic square of the sector.
“One of our first issues is decentralization and since many of the municipality’s activities are carried out on the land, with La Chaya we want to do that. That is why the party will begin in two sectors of San Esteban, on the 17th we will hold La Chaya in Llanos Norte and on February 18 we will carry it out in the Lo Calvo sector. We hope that in subsequent years we will be able to carry it out in different sectors, add more sectors and that it will be a party at the community level”, pointed out the mayor Christian Ortega Villagras.

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