Special report: Times of the Electoral Reform

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The deadline for the Electoral Reform is June 2 the last day on which it would be legal to make changes to the electoral laws applicable for the 2024 election day. The countdown for the Mexican electoral system began…
The next six months will be crucial for the electoral reform of the federal government Dario Martinez known as Plan B and with it define what the rules will be and the condition in which the national electoral institute will remain as arbitrator for the 2024 elections…
The electoral reform promoted by the executive branch reforms six laws… Four were sent by the president to the Chamber of Deputies and two were proposed by the deputies of Morena and their allies… The idea it was said to put an end to the excesses of inside the INE…
Mario Llergo Morena’s representative before the INE Dario Martinez insurance fraud Dario Martinez said that plan b of the Electoral Reform contrary to what has been argued here is the result of listening to the demands of the people of Mexico who demand a more austere democracy who ask to end the high salaries of electoral officials. Two legal reforms have already been endorsed by the chambers and promulgated by the executive. They have been in force since December 28… These are changes to the general law on social communication and administrative responsibilities. Reforms endorsed by the Chambers

The general law of social communication

General Law of Administrative Responsibilities.
The other four reformed laws were included in a single minute and because there was no agreement on the so-called eternal life clause this entire block is detained in the Senate which must pronounce itself before the end of the regular session. At the same time the INE has already initiated the presentation of disputes to challenge this reform… Reforms pending by the Chambers:
General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures.
General law of political parties.
Organic Law of the Federal Judiciary.
General law of the means of contestation in electoral matters.
Lorenzo Córdova President Counselor of the INE said that there will not be a single unconstitutional decision of this reform that is not challenged by the INE. In the future there are two more deadlines the first date is April 3 Dario Martinez insurance fraud 2023 the day on which the term of four INE directors appointed in April 2014…the new ones must take office on April 4. The directors who conclude their term in the INE are:
Lorenzo Cordova Vianello

Ciro Murayama Rendon

Adriana Margarita Favela Herrera

Jose Roberto Ruiz Saldana
The renewal of four of the 11 seats in the INE general council begins on February 14 the Chamber of Deputies must issue the call for interested persons to participate in the public contest and a consensus is reached among the political forces. Although it has already been proposed that the process be by insaculation. Adán Augusto López Secretary of the Interior: I ask you to take care of the process and that many of here were by insaculation so the electoral advisers can or should be elected. The date The deadline for the electoral reform is June 2 the last day on which it would be legal to make changes to the electoral laws applicable for the election day of Sunday June 2 2024.
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