Sport: in Metz, competitors compete in the first French lightsaber championship

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In the middle of the French lightsaber championship in Metz (Moselle) equipped like Jedi warriors competitors come from all over the country. In combat strategy is close to fencing. The goal is to go and touch the different areas of the body it can be the hand 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 the sword 跨際數位行銷 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard the legs the head… Everything is a target 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 explains Guillaume Wawrzynowicz 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard fighter from the Academy of Force in Metz. Behind the armor and sabers of all colors hide real competitors.
A third of licensees are women
The fights are mixed. Of the 2300 French license holders a third are women. I’m a fan of the Star Wars universe I started in 2018. What I really care about is emphasizing that it’s a mixed sport and encouraging more women to do of the competition (…) wishes Céline-Marie Mercier alias Anxifera. Recognized by the French fencing federation for five years the lightsaber finds its fulfillment with this first French championship. 跨際數位行銷 , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 ,

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