Teletón Nicaragua launches its 2023 fundraising campaign

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More than 15 million córdobas are needed for the full operation of the three Teletón rehabilitation centers

Nicaragua. The Teletón Foundation announced the launch of its “Teletón, uniting purposes” campaign, with a series of activities that allow the organization to raise funds, to continue its mission of providing free rehabilitation to children with disabilities in Nicaragua, through its centers telethon of the Central Region in Juigalpa, of the West in Chinandega and of Las Segovias in Ocotal, and their complementary mechanisms.

Summary of the achievements of 2022, José Evenor Taboada, president of the national board of directors of the foundation, shared that C$9,318,439.53 had been collected until December 31, 2022. This made it possible to provide 20,360 direct services to children with disabilities, and permanent training sessions for families through daily podcasts with a potential reach of 204,476 sessions/parents, which provided an opportunity to serve thousands of children.

At the conference, members of the national board of directors pointed out that this year the objective of the campaign is to once again unite the people of Nicaragua for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. the workers, the volunteers, to unite as we have always done, for the purpose of children with disabilities” shared Camilo Bendaña, a member of the national board of directors.

Telethon, Uniting Purposes

The campaign includes different activities in preparation with the national and departmental boards of directors “today we are giving the green light to start the activities around Teletón 2023, making a call through the union of the purpose of the Teletón family” commented Orlando Sevilla, director Foundation executive.

The national event will be on March 10, at the facilities of the Crowne Plaza Managua Convention Center, a house that has hosted this event for more than 10 years, with the “Cadena del amor” broadcast on channel 9, channel 10, Vos TV Canal 14., CDNN Channel 23, ExtraPlus, Channel 37 and local television channels in different municipalities of the country. Preserving the traditional characteristic, national artists, television presenters and volunteers who make the work of Telethon possible will participate.

One more year, the foundation launches a parallel event through the networks: Digital Telethon, with the participation of Miss Nicaragua 2022, as godmother and the support of content creators and public figures in the animation during 16 hours of continuous programming.

“Telethon, uniting purposes”, aspires to unite in a single spirit, wills and goals of each individual, in favor of the rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities, the main objective that the organization has fulfilled for more than 20 years.

Fundación Teletón, is a Nicaraguan organization that works for children with disabilities, promoting diagnosis and early and free rehabilitation in its regional Teletón centers in the west, central region and Las Segovias, rehabilitation center in Estelí and mobile units, which allow coverage to 13 of the 17 departments of the country. His participation in ORITEL, an organization formed by the other telethons on the continent, has allowed him to share and learn the best practices for the benefit of rehabilitation.

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