The judge imprisons the man who stabbed a woman in Marin “possessed” by the devil

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A judge has ordered the entry into prison, communicated and without bail, of the individual who stabbed several knives in the middle of the street, in Marín (Pontevedra), to a woman he did not know at all. As reported this Wednesday by the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG), the judge is investigating this 50-year-old man for an alleged crime of attempted homicide. This individual, as National Police sources explained on Monday, at the time of his arrest assured the agents that the reason for attacking the victim was simply because “the devil had told him that he had to kill someone.” As confirmed by the same sources collected by Europa Press, the man had psychiatric problems and was undergoing treatment. The first to arrive at the scene were the local police officers. At the time of the arrest, the troops found a sharp object with which, presumably, they would have carried out the attack, according to police sources. After being arrested last Monday, the agents have this Wednesday morning made this man available to the Marin Investigating Court number 1. However, the case will be taken over by Investigating Court number 2 of the same town, since he was the one on duty at the time the events occurred. On Tuesday the detainee was already interrogated at the Pontevedra National Police station, where he was assisted by a lawyer. The attack occurred on Monday morning. This individual approached the woman, whom he did not know, on Jaime Janer street, in the center of the Pontevedra town of which they are both neighbors, very close to an educational center. It was there that he stabbed the victim, a 47-year-old woman, several times, because supposedly the devil had ordered him to. One of those stab wounds, the most dangerous, reached her pleura. The victim was doing well. She is being treated at the Montecelo Hospital in Pontevedra. The agents investigating the attack already went to the health center to take a statement from the victim. The story, on TikTok The woman, still admitted to the hospital, published several videos on the TikTok social network in which she explained what had happened. According to her story, she received “fifteen stab wounds from a person who did not know at all that she was supposedly sick,” explained the victim in one of those recordings collected by Ep. In addition, the woman detailed that she had “his back made shit” and also “the hand” with which she took “the knife” from him. In another of the recordings, she added: “Let’s see if I recover soon, they send me to the plant and I can make cooler videos.” But the woman would end up deleting all these recordings that she had published on the aforementioned social network during her convalescence. From the outset, the National Police investigators ruled out that it was a new case of gender violence, because it was quickly confirmed that the aggressor and the victim did not know each other.

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