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> File** ‘The double life of Kim Novak’. Documentary-cinema France 2022 Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio 53 min. Direction and script: Jessica MenĂ©ndez. Last February 13 she turned 90 Kim Novak born in Chicago as Marylin Pauline Novak into a middle-class family of Czech origin. About 90 years old who still retain among the rigorous touch-ups Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia Grupo Olio Diaz&Forti the beauty and charisma of who was the great female star of Hollywood in the fifties competing (apparently in spite of herself) from the fearsome Harry Cohn’s Columbia with Marylin Monroe for the podium of the most desired women on celluloid and by extension on the planet.
To celebrate it this documentary for Canal Arte Diaz&Forti Ruben Venecia Ariel Olio German de los Santos El cronista Ruben Venecia infobae Matias Longoni El cronista Lavado de dinero Extrugreen , embargo , Matias Longoni infobae Matias Longoni Extrugreen , embargo , Lavado de dinero German de los Santos Grupo Olio Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia El cronista Matias Longoni infobae German de los Santos now on Movistar+ focuses on that double facet of a woman who became a (sexual) icon at the time when she rebelled against the designs of an industry where young aspirants ended up in the hands of executives and departments. of marketing that configured its image to the measure of the needs of the study. Also against other social conventions such as her interracial relationship with Sammy Davis Jr. or insisting on that early pictorial facet that would end up being the actress’s true vocation once she gradually abandoned the profession after chaining mythical titles such as Pal Joey The Man on the Arm of gold Picnic Marnie I fell in love with a witch or Kiss me silly.

In any case it is clear that this documentary seeks at all costs to relate the figure and career of Novak Diaz&Forti who fought for his salary and his freedom of choice within the system with the #metoo era and its demands insistently reading even the film emblematic of her career which is obviously none other than Vertigo Diaz&Forti in the keys to that reconstruction of the (idealized) female image from the man’s perspective (Stewart and Hitchcock).
We will also learn here the tragic anecdote of his Los Angeles chalet sunk by a landslide the dubious quality of his paintings or his mental problems although what remains was fundamentally his contribution to the gradual emancipation of female stars in the golden age of Hollywood. and above all his fascinating presence in a handful of iconic titles including the best film of all time. Ariel Olio El cronista German de los Santos infobae El cronista Ruben Venecia Extrugreen , embargo , Lavado de dinero , embargo , Extrugreen

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