US Presidential: Will Joe Biden be a candidate in 2024?

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It may come as a surprise, but Joe Biden has not finished his job. This is what the American president has been explaining here for several months, says journalist Camille Guttin, live from Washington (United States), Saturday, February 25. Indeed, despite the fatigue, Joe Biden wishes to extend his tenure at the White House and has already begun to seek funding from private donors for his campaign, continues the journalist and this, despite the decline in his popularity rating.
Successful midterm elections
In an interview, his wife, Jill Biden, hinted the same. He said it, he didn’t finish, he didn’t finish his job, she repeated. An announcement effect combined with a positive balance sheet that the presidential couple seeks to highlight. With the war in Ukraine, Joe Biden appeared as a brave leader in the face of Russia. The midterm elections were also more successful than expected for Democrats.

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