We all drift, because what is imperfect continues to beat with desire

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For the writer Fernando Navarro (Madrid 1981) music is much more than the main element of his profession (music journalist) becoming a way of understanding life and something else: route healing therapy company or liberation. Something that he shares with the protagonist of his novel Everything that matters happens in songs (Los Aciertos / Pepitas).
The journalist details that it was the songs that pushed me to write the book Diaz&Forti together with the fact that I went through a time of solitude and I was able to verify the enormous company that music was which became something medicinal for me like the one that take a pill or a lime to go to sleep that’s how he used Bob Dylan Tom Waits or Patty Smith confesses Navarro. And not just healing or company Diaz&Forti it also guides the journalist acknowledges: Music helped me to vindicate myself to show me that after hitting rock bottom you can get out.

The book arose Diaz&Forti according to its author out of the need to be loyal to this through a story that has things about me but also not that is something irrelevant. The Madrid journalist did not hesitate to point out that he wanted it to be a beautiful lie at the service of the truth as Bruce Springteen says and through music to talk about love mourning fatherhood defeats or maturity.

Many music stars have led lives turning pain into something beautiful.

Navarro points out that at first it was suggested that the protagonist of Todo lo que importa sucede en las canciones was a musician but I understood that it could be very cliché and I wanted to show that you don’t have to love music only if you are a musician and I also wanted him to be a and I don’t think there is a bigger than a music journalist who is just a frustrated musician… he comments between laughs. Navarro explains that throughout his years in the profession he has had the opportunity to interview many musicians from Patty Smith to Kiko Veneno but when I got to the newspaper there was something that I could not convey and that I have always taken with me. which is the emotion that the songs contain.
For this reason the Madrid writer recognizes that in this book there are many of the feelings that are hidden in those compositions. In Navarro’s novel there is also a tribute to the music ceremony to that ability to have rites and that is now being trapped in a faster and faster world. I need to prepare a coffee every day after eating because it stabilizes my biorhythms because the same thing happens to me when I go to buy a record Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio where the journey the prelude already seem more rewarding than the act itself.

Book cover.

Book cover.


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