WEATHER REPORT. Snow on the plains in Languedoc-Roussillon: what to expect at the start of the week

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Eastern Pyrenees

Snowfall is expected all around the Mediterranean from Sunday evening until Tuesday inclusive. The plain and probably the coast of Languedoc and Roussillon are concerned. Rainfall that will win the territory to the Pyrenees. Caution is advised on the roads from Monday morning.

Five years almost to the day after the dreaded episode of snowfall which sowed chaos in Montpellier in 2018, the specter of new snowfall is looming over the plain and probably the coast of Languedoc and Roussillon for the start of the week. coming. While the expected quantities are still difficult to predict, the extent of the phenomenon is becoming clearer. The first flakes should begin to fall first in the south-east from Sunday late afternoon, the bulk of the precipitation mainly affecting the Bouches-du-Rhône and the Camargue delta.
Then the snow will shift to the west to reach the entire perimeter of the Gulf of Lion overnight from Sunday to Monday. Will these flakes stick to the ground? Again, it’s too early to tell. But already, the Hérault company Predict, a subsidiary of Météo France which supports 30,000 local authorities and 5,000 companies worldwide in the prevention and crisis management of climatic episodes, plans to activate its monitoring unit at the end of weekend.
Standby and assistance cell activated
And it has already alerted them in order to anticipate the establishment of on-call duty on these weekly rest days and school holidays.

Alix Roumagnac, CEO of Predict, evokes a cold drop phenomenon to explain the drop in temperatures and the arrival of snow:

It’s like a Mediterranean episode, but winter. For the moment it is mild because a depression is bringing up air from the Mediterranean. But a blow of the mistral in the Rhône valley will bring down the temperatures at the very beginning of the week.
Alix Roumagnac, CEO of Predict

Maximum caution on the road
The main risk linked to this weather episode concerns road traffic and traffic conditions in this last week of holidays in zone C. The greatest caution is recommended to motorists in Occitanie from the early hours of Monday morning.

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