Women’s Italian Cup, Rome in the semifinals: passed Pomigliano

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A busy February with regards to the world of football. In the context of Italian women’s football it was the turn of the return matches of the Italian Cup quarter-finals held on the afternoon of Wednesday 8 February. Among the perhaps less exciting matches for the purpose of knowing at the end of the 120′ or more who we will see again in the semifinals, Roma-Pomigliano scheduled at 14:30 at the Stadio delle Tre Fontane.

The first leg had already consecrated the team from the capital as one of the participants in the semifinals, in which they will face Milan, who managed to pass against Fiorentina in the match at 12.30. The 8-1 in favor of the Giallorossi, conquered away, already gave a huge advantage increased with two more goals in this second leg. In the end, Lupa won the pass with 10 goals to one.

Alessandro Spugna, coach of Roma women @livephotosport

Rome-Pomigliano, the formations took to the field

Alessandro Spugna coach of women’s Roma has implemented a predictable turnover, deploying the team with a 4-4-2 with Ӧnrstrӧm in goal. Almost starting defense with Bergersen, Kollmats, Minami and Landstrӧm. In midfield, another quartet made up of Glionna, Ciccotti, Cinotti and Selerud. In front of two players among the less used Kramzar and Kajzba.

For Pomigliano the choices of Carlo Sanchez have developed a 4-3-3. Fierro positioned himself between the posts, with the defensive pack made up of Novellino, Caiazzo, Passeri and Fusini in front. Di Giammarino, Rabot and Tatiely were chosen in the middle of the field, while in attack the trident Amorim Dias, Sangaré and Battelani were present

Carlo Sanchez, coach of Pomigliano Female @livephotosport

Roma-Pomigliano 1-0, the first half: Giallorossi supremacy confirmed

Strengthened by a strength and supremacy already confirmed both in Serie A and in the quarter-leg match of the Italian Cup against Pomigliano, Roma won in the league with two goals to zero both away and at home and in the cup, as already mentioned, scored 8 goals in one game. After 21 minutes the Giallorossi’s goal arrives with Zara Kramzar on an assist from Selerud to materialize the offensive implemented from the beginning. The bells timidly overlook the area of ​​the landlord, without however causing any danger.

Andressa, Rome Women @livephotosport

Roma-Pomigliano 2-0, the second half: Spugna’s girls close the match immediately

The second half of the game starts under the banner of changes by the Panthers, who, given the very round result, decide to take advantage of the remaining 45 ‘to give playing time to those who need it and at the same time leave the most used players of the season at rest. An extra midfielder instead of a striker for Sanchez. Changes that do not yield anything because in the 64th minute Kramzar closes the games even further after the post on a corner kick.

After the double advantage, which overall brings the goal difference to 9, Roma also use substitutions to maintain the result and rest those who need it most and make room for reserves or newcomers like Lozana. A match that reaches its conclusion and gives Roma a well-deserved semi-final against Milan, to aim for the final which will see Inter and Juventus Women as challengers who will face each other in the other semi-final.
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