All the members of the jury of the Ídolo Awards 2023

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There is nothing left for the Ídolo Awards to begin, awards that give value to the profession of ‘influencers’ on social networks. These awards are already preparing their second edition but there are many questions surrounding them. Who is the jury? Who are the nominees? How much are these prizes worth? We answer all your questions.The 2023 Ídolo Awards juryThe 2023 Ídolo Awards will be held next March 9, whose gala will take place at the Gran Teatro Príncipe Pío in Madrid, bringing together all content creators for the second year and ‘influencers’, as well as other guests whose work has some kind of relationship or is present on social networks. There will also be a jury made up of a total of 10 experts from different fields and professions, such as music, marketing, advertising, social networks and also even food. A jury that these days is already voting to choose the winners of each category and in which there were doubts, Dulceida, creator of the awards, is not found but, as she did last year, does not want to be part of the jury and leaves this work to other experts. The jury was actually revealed days ago, although it has been working for weeks since after the nominees were revealed and it seems that they would already have chosen the new 2023 Idol Awards. However, to know the name of the winners we will have to wait until Thursday and when the gala will be hosted by actress Ana Milán and which will begin at 8:00 p.m. with a streaming broadcast on Twitch and also through the direct ones that are carried out from the Instragram account of the awards .The members of the jury of the Ídolo Awards:
Virginia Lazarus from Mac Cosmetics
Sergio Mendez of Warner Music
Jordi Martínez from Men’s Health
Melania Pan by Pan Creative
Daniela Gutierrez from Neo 2
Noelia Fernandez de Ogilvy
Felix Valiente who is a photographer
Juan José Rengel de Podimo
Kike Gonzalez from Roman Reputation Matters
Maria Crespo of Pernod Ricard
Categories and nominees for the 2023 Idol Awards All of them, as we say, have voted for each and every one of the categories of the idol awards. In total there are 17 and for each one, four nominees have been announced.
Creative Content: Jaime Altozano, Jordi Koalitic, Marta Sierra and Michenlo.
Streamer: Illojuan, TheGrefg, Gerard Romero, Cristini.
Trips: Gontzon, Izhan, Enrique Alex and Miren Alos.
Podcast: Do you want to be my friend, Two very legal blondes, Dulces y Saladas and La pija y la quinqui.
Healthy&Sports: Crys Díaz, Ffitcoco, Magalidalix and Marcos Vázquez.
Gastronomy: Cocina con Cuqui, Fit Happy Sisters, María Lo and Peldanyos.
Digital entrepreneurship: Jessica Goicoechea, TwoJeys, Susana Bicho and Gala González.
Lifestyle: Violeta, María García de Jaime, Manu Ríos and Marta Díaz.
Stay True: Telmo Trenado, Gersanc, Melo Moreno and Luc Loren.
Tiktoker: Berta Caparrós, Marina Riverss, Lola Lolita and Boggi
Social conscience: Illustrated Feminist, Croquetly, Jon Kareaga and Henar Álvarez.
Beauty: Nuria Adraos, Nobody is Ugly, Gsusserranomua, Goty.
Audiovisual Project: I’m Georgina, El Rubius, La Ruta, Rainbow.
Music: Quevedo, Bad Gyal, Rosalía, Dani Fernández.
Fashion: Madame de Rosa, Marta Lozano, Alexandra Pereira, Anna Ponsa.
Humor: Alexsinos, Xuso Jones, Eva Soriano, Lalachus.
Digital creator of the year: Ibai Llanos, Henar Álvarez, Laura Escanes, Nil Ojeda.
To these categories it is worth adding another three that are Revelation Idol, Idol of the Year and International Idol, but the winner of each of these awards is only one and will be announced next Thursday.

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