‘Ana de nadie’: where to see the third episode of the soap opera?

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The new telenovela starring Paola Turbay, Jorge Enrique Abello and Sebastián Carvajal brings many twists and surprises for its second week on the air. Did you miss what happened on Friday, in the third chapter? Here we tell you. (It may interest you: Bella Ramsey spoke of the end of ‘The Last of Us’: “it will divide the audience” Ana and Horacio are in a bad streak, but she wants to fight for the relationship; therefore, she has the initiative to make a change of look, because she wants to surprise him. Violeta, who disagrees, supports Ana in her decision. In the process of choosing the new look, Ana finds a woman crying in the local clothing fitting room: he felt he had to comfort her. The woman tells him that her condition is due to the fact that she is the lover of a married man. Horacio falls ill and Ana is there to take care of him. Meanwhile, Adelaida, Horacio’s lover, organizes a romantic evening for them Florecia, the daughter of the couple, asks her mother to pick her up from school. Joaquín appears there, a journalist and also a father who also goes for his daughter. Ana stands out for her beauty and more for her new appearance, a question that Joaquín does not let go.

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