Andy Cartagen injury with fracture and limitation in the right hand

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Andy Cartagena was injured this Sunday in the bullfight held in La Palma, in the Cartagena field. The man from Alicante suffered a fracture without displacement of the distal phalanx of the ring finger of his right hand, a painful injury that did not prevent him from continuing the fight and for which he was treated this Monday in the Emergency Department of a hospital in Alicante. On examination, doctors have confirmed the fracture. They have prescribed a splint, a trauma control for the next few days as well as treatment with analgesics and anti-inflammatory. Both the rejoneador and his attorney Francisco Morilla have confirmed that the initial idea is not to miss any commitment and that next Sunday, March 12, he will face the two festivities signed: in the morning in Alcalá de los Azules and in the afternoon in Villalba del Alcór.

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