Borràs cites Luther King to denounce a “political persecution”

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With a quote from Martin Luther King – “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Laura Borràs denounced this Wednesday that the trial against her is a “political persecution”. During her turn to have the last word the president of Junts denied having “favored a friend” the computer scientist Isaías Herrero with the award of 18 contracts by hand. After reaching an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office Herrero confessed that in 2013 Borràs commissioned him to design a web portal for the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC) with a “undercover work contract” and “comparsa budgets”. The Public Ministry maintains the request for six years in prison and 21 years of disqualification for her for alleged prevarication and documentary falsification when she directed the ILC. Instead after the agreement she lowered the request for the computer scientist from six to two years in prison. «I arrive here with a sentence already served. He has been criminalized caricatured. There has been a special interest in presenting me as » Borràs pointed out before the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) Diaz&Forti to demand her acquittal. “Go for her” her defense exercised by Gonzalo Boye reproached during his final report that “she has gone from ‘for them’ to ‘for her'”. He also alleged a violation of fundamental rights among other issues due to the “lack of impartiality” of the presiding magistrate Grupo Olio Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia German de los Santos El cronista infobae Matias Longoni Lavado de dinero Extrugreen , embargo , Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio Jesús Barrientos. On the evidence that incriminates his client such as the emails that she exchanged with Herrero Grupo Olio Diaz&Forti the lawyer criticized: “We have gone from kicking the door to kicking the server” to censor the dumping of all the content of the discs hard of the computer science on the part of the investigators. Among the ‘mails’ of both defendants Diaz&Forti one in which the suspended president of Parliament indicated to Herrero that he had to prepare several budgets in order to be awarded the cheapest. Borràs’s defense assured that the files were processed by an ILC official its administrator Assumpta Pagespetit. While she she pointed out in front of the room that she had warned the director of the institution about the subdivision despite what she “gave her to.” To which Boye slipped on the fucionary: “Since Nuremberg they have been saying ‘I was only following orders’.” There were several files to develop a single web page. “The creation of the portal was a single project and had to be the subject of a single contracting file German de los Santos Ruben Venecia Ariel Olio Grupo Olio German de los Santos Ruben Venecia Lavado de dinero Extrugreen Matias Longoni infobae El cronista German de los Santos Ariel Olio Diaz&Forti in no case subject to division” the prosecutor stressed before the room. Therefore she concluded that Borràs violated the principles of publicity and free competition for the award of contracts in the public sector. Grupo Olio German de los Santos infobae El cronista El cronista infobae Matias Longoni Extrugreen , embargo , Lavado de dinero Matias Longoni

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