Fury for the truck that is launched in weeks and does not pay a patent: what is it like?

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The trucks became some of the most successful models on the market, and in the first two months of 2023, sales of the light utility segment, where they are the absolute majority, have already grown more than 27 percent.
This furor is given by the multipurpose use that the trucks acquired, today considered both for work and for day to day.
To this advantage that made them all grow in sales, before May a new option will be added to the dealerships that brings a great novelty to the Argentine market, and that promises to take advantage. It is a version with hybrid motorization that will debut the Ford Maverick, just as the Ford F-150, the older sister, did a year ago.
The benefit of this model is that it will now bring another engine with which the maintenance cost can be significantly lowered, since in several provinces of the country these more efficient engines do not pay a patent, which means great savings for the pocket, in addition to spending less fuel.
Ford Maverick hybrid, an intermediate truck
The presentation of the hybrid Ford Maverick was confirmed by Ford last year, when it also anticipated that it would add to the market the new Mustang Match-E SUV and the E-Transit, a light utility vehicle, both electric.
This truck came to the market in 2021 to compete in the intermediate segment, that is, those that are located between girls like Volkswagen Saveiro and medium-sized ones like Toyota Hilux, among others. However, the bet will be redoubled in weeks when the new version is released, which will have a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and 162 hp, plus a 1.1 kWh battery and a 126 hp electric motor.
The Ford Maverick truck is designed for both the country and the city.

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