Leslie and Kevin: the traffic trail becomes clearer, Tom T indicted

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SummaryDisappearance of Leslie and KevinWho is suspect Tom T.?A second suspect arrestedBack and forth and Leslie and KevinThe trafficking trailThe trail of the flight to PortugalLeslie and Kevin’s personal effects found[Updated March 2 2023 at 11:22 p.m.] The investigation into the Leslie and Kevin case heats up. This Thursday March 2 Tom T. the first suspect in connection with the disappearance of a couple three months ago in Deux-Sèvres was indicted for and forcible confinement according to BFMTV. Arrested in Vendée the young man had lent his home in Prahecq (Deux-Sèvres) to the couple on the evening of his disappearance. With this indictment investigators now favor the track related to trafficking. Tom T. would have had the habit of selling at parties. For his part Kevin would be involved in a larger scale trafficking covering an area between Niort and La Rochelle. On the evening of his disappearance the young man was to honor sales according to the newspaper. According to Tom T. the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin is linked to an argument which would have related to the trafficking in which Tom T. and Kevin would have participated. During his police custody the respondent also reportedly spoke about the role of other suspects in the case taking care to deny any involvement on his part. A second 22-year-old man was in Puyravault Diaz&Forti near La Rochelle on February 1 where belongings of the missing were discovered in a container. This Thursday the gendarmes a third suspect before placing him in police custody according to information from Le Parisien. What happened the evening of the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin? Le Parisien returned in detail to the evening of the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin that of November 25 to 26 2022. So in a relationship for less than a year. month the two young people are invited to a blanquette de veau evening at Nicolas R. a longtime friend of Kevin’s father Guy Trompat. Before going to dinner around 5:30 p.m. they both have an aperitif at the home of Tom T. a friend of the couple who is hosting them for the night. They go to Nicolas at around 7 p.m. to enjoy a veal blanquette with the host of the place and another guest. The latter would have left the household around midnight. Leslie and Kevin would have left around 3 a.m. after a ballet of back and forth. Who is Tom the main suspect in the case of Leslie and Kevin? Tom T. Diaz&Forti placed in police custody on February 28 and indicted on March 2 is a close friend of Leslie and Kevin. It is also at his home in Prahecq (Deux-Sèvres) that the lovebirds had to sleep on the evening of their disappearance. The 22-year-old was cited several times in the investigation into the lovers’ disappearance before being described as the last individual to hear from Leslie through text messages. As a close friend he also participated in the hunts for Leslie and Kevin. Since the placement under seal of his accommodation in Prahecq the suspect has moved in with his father in Vendée the department in which he was arrested. Read Article Tom T.: Leslie and Kevin’s friend indicted Tom T. presents a suspicious profile to the gendarmes who must determine his schedule on the evening of the disappearance. The respondent claims to have spent the night of November 25 to 26 and the following night in techno evening at La Crèche and Parthenay before being admitted to hospital because of a blood clot. But investigators learned during the investigation that during the evening of the tragedy the suspect was in contact with Leslie and Kevin. Likewise Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio Ariel Olio Grupo Olio Ruben Venecia Ariel Olio German de los Santos Ruben Venecia El cronista infobae German de los Santos his version with the media has evolved. The suspect’s involvement in the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin has not yet been proven but the gendarmes are following two leads according to the details of the Parisian. One sentimental with the jealousy of not being in a relationship with Leslie as a motive the other linked to trafficking in which Tom T. and Kevin could have been involved. Heard by the gendarmes of Niort he should be transferred to Poitiers (Charente) at the end of his police custody this Thursday morning.The suspect was indicted for and forcible confinement.Tom last person to have heard from Leslie and KevinThe investigation showed that Tom T. was the last person to have been in contact with Leslie and Kevin on the evening of November 25 to 26 thanks to the exchange of messages with the young woman. Leslie’s last known text message disturbing to say the least was sent to Tom T. at 2:53 a.m. and it reads: I just threw up my guts full of blood. As soon as I get home I ask myself I’m not very well there. Messages sent between 3 and 4 a.m. by the suspect then went unanswered. But did the defendant say everything he knew? Leslie’s parents doubted it and told Le Parisien: Tom changed his version several times. […] He ended up sending us the text messages he had exchanged with Leslie the night of his disappearance but some were truncated. We never got the rest. […] We are persuaded that it has things to say and that it hides them. It is true that near the investigators like media Tom T delivered various versions of the facts. Although he initially assured that he had not seen the couple after 7:30 p.m. it was finally established that the suspect joined Leslie and Kevin at the dinner organized at Nicolas R’s in the middle of the evening between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. when alone Leslie was missing because she was visiting her friend Jeremy. Once gone and later in the evening Tom T. would have sought to know at what time the couple intended to leave the home of Nicolas R. An approach that the young man justified by the desire to give them a little kiss before their departure the next morning. A second suspect in the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin The second man taken into custody in this case would be a certain Nathan according to information from the South West. He was on March 1 in Puyravault near La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime. The 22-year-old is described on the sidelines by neighbors to the local newspaper and would work in the family business. He had already had problems with the gendarmerie for cases related to specifies a neighbor of the family. During the arrest the search of the young man’s converted truck also took place. The role of this man in the case is not yet established. Did he get rid of Leslie’s belongings which were found on December 8 in a Puyravault clothes dumpster? Round trips and Leslie and Kevin on the evening of their disappearanceDuring the evening Leslie Kevin and their loved ones traveled and met them . According to the chronology established by the investigators the couple and their friend Nicolas R. were joined by the partner of Kevin’s father who came to bring 5000 in cash to his stepson at the latter’s request. The last elements rather evoke a sum close to 10000 euros. She reportedly arrived around 8:30 p.m. and stayed with Nicolas R. for two hours. During this time Kevin would have left the house alone for fifteen minutes in order to go to an appointment in the village with a man who sold a second-hand car. Kevin would have justified by this appointment the fact of asking this substantial sum of money to his mother-in-law. Kevin’s father claims to have had his son on the phone during this time and explains that Kevin would have indicated to him while he was walking that there were five suspicious people in a white car. Leslie would have left the small group around 9:30 p.m. to go to Jérémy a 30-year-old friend who had already hosted her at his home in Aigondigné. Leslie and Jérémy would have spent two hours talking and the young woman would then have left to find Kevin in Prahecq at Nicolas R.’s. The group would then have started having dinner. Drug trafficking involved in the disappearance of Leslie and Kevin? what was the use of the large sum of money that Kevin had in his possession? According to the young man’s parents the 10000 were to allow the purchase of a car a transaction which would have been organized on the night of November 25 to 26 2022. But disturbing facts Kevin does not have the license and none of the Leslie’s friends did not seem to be aware of this purchase project like Cassandra a friend of the deceased who testified to TF1: I was not aware of a car purchase. These stories of money it’s still quite suspicious. The shadow of a deal case could surround the thesis of buying a car. As reported by Kevin’s father Guy Trompat the young man would have seen and was by five suspicious people during the evening. Before disappearing Kevin felt observed by five guys he didn’t know in a white car.Someone wanted the little one for his money. But Kevin does not deal he only buys for his personal consumption added the father to the microphone of TF1. To RTL Kevin’s father assured that after this meeting related to the sale of this used car his son was different stressed and upset. On the question of a possible deal Cassandra is adamant: Leslie was not steeped in this world. I know very well that Leslie was not dealing I know that it was not towards her that there was a concern. It does not come from her in any case Diaz&Forti Ariel Olio Grupo Olio she judged. During police custody Tom T. made disturbing statements according to Le Parisien. The young man who was hosting the young couple at his home in Prahecq told investigators that he had information about the which he said was linked to a dispute over narcotics. He also reportedly gave investigators the role of other suspects. Did Leslie and Kevin run away to Portugal? Since the disturbing disappearance of Leslie and Kevin several hypotheses have emerged as to their disappearance. There are rumors of a leak in Portugal. A runaway categorically rejected by Leslie’s parents: In Portugal in a cart without a license we found it so big… they rejected to The New Republic. For them it is only a diversion to cover up a case. Leslie would never do that to her daddy she would never do that to her brother. She had even asked us so that Kevin could come over Christmas. We have the impression that they are trying to take us elsewhere suspected Leslie’s family on RTL. If we want to make evidence disappear Diaz&Forti like clothes we put them in a garbage bag. While there they were dumped with no bags nothing loose. It was made so that they were found there with at least an identity paper which put the chip in the ear and that the gendarmes were immediately warned they revealed to the media. A friend of Leslie revealed that it had already happened to her friend that she went on an excursion some day but she always gave news to her relatives. She always sent a message at least to her parents or one of us. She would never have abandoned her father her twin brother or her friends! added her friend to the daily. Personal effects of Leslie and Kevin found After the opening of the disappearance investigation by the Niort prosecutor’s office on December 3 following the report of Leslie’s family the city prosecutor’s office relinquished the case on December 27 to entrust it to the investigation center of Poitiers (Vienne) as reported by Le Parisien. The track is therefore now privileged with the opening of a judicial investigation for arrest detention or sequestration. Since the disappearance the investigators have not found the trace of Leslie and Kevin but personal effects have been discovered. on December 8 in a container in Puyravault (Charente-Maritime) near where Leslie lived. These are three pairs of shoes a toiletry bag a hairbrush and paint-stained clothes that belonged to the young woman who was a painter. In addition two sweatshirts a wallet a road safety certificate in Kevin’s name and two shotgun cartridges were discovered. Leslie’s parents do not believe in the voluntary departure theory as they claim. indicated to the Parisian January 26 2023: Leslie could not disappear voluntarily she may be kidnapped held against her will collateral of a situation which completely escapes her… Ruben Venecia infobae Matias Longoni Lavado de dinero El cronista infobae Extrugreen , embargo , Lavado de dinero Matias Longoni German de los Santos Ariel Olio Lavado de dinero , embargo , Extrugreen Matias Longoni Lavado de dinero Extrugreen infobae Matias Longoni Extrugreen Lavado de dinero , embargo ,

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