Licca-chan, the Japanese Barbie that drives young and old alike

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With her big eyes and shy smile, Licca-chan, known as the Japanese Barbie, seduces all generations in Japan and adults even made her a social media celebrity.Smaller than American Barbie, the Japanese doll it measures 22 centimeters and has a more familiar appearance, details Minami Murayama, one of her great admirers. You can also read: Reborn babies: a doll so realistic that you won’t even notice the difference [Video] This 34-year-old housewife wants to become As a stylist and with Licca-chan, his dream came true, explains Murayama to AFP, who owns some forty dolls and has made more than a thousand miniature outfits to wear them. Licca-chan has been a favorite doll for Japanese children since it appeared in toy stores in 1967, and its maker, Takara Tomy, sold more than 60 million units. She even launched a collection of elegant dolls for older clients. The company’s official biography features Licca-chan as an 11-year-old teenager, whose mother is a Japanese stylist and her father is a French musician.

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