Londoners to poo in toilet suspended 100ft above the River Thames for one day only

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Londoners with a fear of heights shouldn't be embarrassed if they themselves in a new toilet due to be suspended 100ft above the River Thames next month. The Loo with a View will take in 360 degree views of the City from Trinity Buoy Wharf near Canning Town in East London on March 30.

Toilet cleaning giant Domestos is offering an 'exc-loo-sive' experience to anyone enough to take a dump in a fully functioning porta-loo with the O2 The Shard and The Gherkin all in sight at the location just across from City Hall's headquarters on the other side of the River Lea. Unlike most of London's public toilets 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 the experience will be free but for one day only.

Domestos Home and Hygiene Category Lead UKI Claire Racklyeft said: “The Loo with a View attraction is as disruptive to the London skyline as the new Domestos Power Foam is to your household cleaning routine. We wanted to celebrate the product’s global launch with a world first like no other showing how our latest innovation will elevate the toilet cleaning experience to new heights.

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