Mobilization against the pension reform: port operations in several cities in France

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Employees of several ports in France launched Wednesday March 8 the day after the sixth day of mobilization against the pension reform 跨際數位行銷 port operations. Marseille La Rochelle 跨際數位行銷 Rouen Le Havre Dunkirk or Nantes-Saint-Nazaire are concerned. According to the CGT there are 100% strikers among port agents and dockers as on Tuesday March 7.
>> Pension reform: disruptions are to be expected in transport until the end of the week announces Clément Beaune. Follow our live.
The Grand Port maritime de Marseille is at a standstill 跨際數位行銷 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷 評價 indicates France Bleu Provence. Dock workers and port agents block access to the site. Nobody goes out or comes in. Today all activity is blocked indicates a striker Jean-Michel electrician. As a result of this blockage freight transport passenger transport and the Fos oil depot are blocked.
La Rochelle
In La Rochelle 跨際數位行銷 dockers have been blocking the port since 4 a.m. on Wednesday March 8 learned France Bleu La Rochelle from union sources. The CGT claims that 100% of dockers are on strike ie 140 of them in the city of Charente-Maritime. A new demonstration is also planned in the city against the pension reform at 2:30 p.m. The day before the police had counted 8600 demonstrators mobilized during the sixth day of national mobilization the unions counted 15000.
In Rouen around fifty opponents of the pension reform are also blocking the port one of the most important sites in Europe for the transit of cereals indicates France Bleu Normandie. They launched pallet fires and placed logs and tires on the roadway to block the entrance at the level of the Haropa Port building between the Channel 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 Citadel and Barre basins. Heavy goods vehicles are prevented from loading and unloading their goods.
In Dunkirk access to the port is also impossible reports France Bleu Nord. That of Boulogne-sur-Mer the leading French fishing port is partly blocked.
Le Havre
In Le Havre access to the main entrance to the port in front of the Haropa Port building is blocked by trucks and around thirty dockers also indicates France Bleu Normandie. The ferries could not dock and cargo ships remained stranded (with their sailors). The lifting of the dams is scheduled for Thursday March 9 at 6 a.m. The CGT Ports and Docks will then meet during the day to decide on future actions against the pension reform.
Saint Nazaire
The Nantes-Saint-Nazaire port is also completely blocked according to France Bleu Loire-Océan. Dams have been set up at all the strategic entrances to the industrial-port area in Nantes Saint-Nazaire and Montoire. The port terminals are all at a standstill closed. No boat no handling explained Pascal Pontac general secretary of the CGT port Nantes-Saint-Nazaire at the microphone of France Bleu Loire Océan. The site will also be disrupted on Thursday March 9 this time with a mobilization from sailors (pilots tugs laminators) who will take over. Again no boat will enter or exit.
The commercial port of Brest is also partly blocked: only cars pass the filtering barrier of the CGT Ports and docks indicates France Bleu Breizh Izel. The commercial port of Brest is also partly blocked: only cars pass the filtering barrier of the CGT Ports and docks still indicates France Bleu. 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷 ptt 跨際數位行銷 評價 , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 評價 , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷 評價

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