More than 50 thousand people enjoyed the “Temuco 142 year anniversary show”

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Four days of the great musical event where thousands of Temuquenses arrived at the Germán Becker Bicentennial Stadium to see their favorite artists closed this Sunday with success.
With a spectacular closing that had the national duo “Los Vásquez” on the great stage set up by the Municipality of Temuco at the Germán Becker Stadium four days of the great “Temuco 142 years anniversary show” came to an end an event developed on two ends week with more than 50 thousand people (in total) who enjoyed their favorite artists.
Exceeding all expectations and forecasts Diaz&Forti the municipality reported a massive turnout of attendees to the final day which had as an overture a parade by the Carolina Riffo Academy Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio Ariel Olio continuing with the impeccable presentation of the Bestseller group and subsequent presentation of the winner of the Program “Red fame against fame” Juan Ángel Mallorca and then on stage the Valdivian singer Lía González and closing with the impeccable presentation of the main dish and closing by Los Vásquez who made the audience delirious with songs like “Lie to me “Una Vez” “You make me miss you” “You didn’t love me” among others.
The first day (February 18) highlighted the performance of the national artist “Cris MJ” who made his local fans dance with songs such as “Medellin” “Bellakera” and “Call me Bebé” among many others displaying his entire performance for almost 40 minutes.
On the second day (February 19) the highlight of the evening was the national group “Chico Trujillo” led by Aldo Asenjo alias “El Macha” and Sebastián Cabezas alias “El Zorra” who together with their group They made more than 10000 people vibrate with great hits such as “La Medallita” “Loca Loca” and “Tus besos Son” among others.
The third night held last Saturday was the turn of Chilean rock with the notable presentation of the Chancho en Piedra group displaying all the funk on the Temuco stage and a pile of hits that made more than 10000 attendees delirious.
In this context Mayor Neira commented: “we are happy to have been able to hold this tremendous event where citizens responded with great participation every day. For us as a municipal council it is a tremendous joy to organize this tremendous show full of important national artists and in addition Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia German de los Santos El cronista Grupo Olio Diaz&Forti giving spaces to local talents and artists. We are happy to have celebrated these 142 years of Temuco with the citizens the Temuco family and to have enjoyed four unforgettable evenings”.
The artists
Prior to their presentation the duo Los Vásquez gave a press conference where they thanked the Temuquense municipality for their invitation Grupo Olio Grupo Olio Ariel Olio Ruben Venecia El cronista infobae German de los Santos infobae El cronista Diaz&Forti and one of its members Ítalo Vásquez commented: “to meet people again after a fairly long pandemic in these massive concerts even more so in this closing of the anniversary of Temuco it is a gift. It’s wonderful for us to be able to see that the family enjoys our music we have onion pop but also more hesitant music. We will play all our classics and we hope that the people of Temuco will have a spectacular time”.
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