Mother India: that link with Italy and the strategic agreements signed by Meloni

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Rome, 3 March – What was Meloni doing at Modi’s? The Italian perception of India suddenly changed with the Marò case. Our fault more than theirs, because it was we who did not properly defend our navy riflemen, abandoning them for years to a surreal judicial ordeal. Masochism dictated by foolish xenophilia and inability to think of itself as a nation, beyond any very personal point of view. Serious mistakes that remain, just like wounds that never fully heal. Yet the special relations between Italy and India have their roots in the early imperial days, starting from the Latin term itself, deriving from the Sanskrit Sindhu, “river, stream”.
Roots and intuitions
Everything flows and comes back, like Gandhi’s visit to Rome, well before Indian independence from the British crown, like the meeting between the unforgettable Tucci and Tagore, Ismeo’s appetizer, orientalist and Gentile suggestions. All-Roman genius, sending a superfine scholar to a sublime poet to establish diplomatic relations and unhinge the albionic yoke. Asking ourselves today what Giorgia Meloni went to do in India only makes sense if we start from this awareness, going beyond the geopolitical image that the distracted media superficially construct.
Because Delhi will always remain suspended between the presumed blocs that divide the world, thinking of civilization before power. When the latter takes shape by virtue of never abdicated neutrality. See the war in Ukraine. Hence two apparently minor agreements signed by the Italian prime minister with the controversial, often inappropriately, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. The first between the Rabindra Bharti University of Kolkata and the Consulate General of Kolkata, the second between the Indian Moraraji Desai Institute of Yoga, of the ministry of Ayush (acronym that encompasses the practices of traditional Hindu medicine), and the Italian school Sarwa yoga.
Meloni in India: strategic agreements
But let’s go beyond cultural depth and come to the strategic agreements signed. The Italian premier went to India with a clear objective: to strengthen bilateral relations and enhance the Italian role in the subcontinent and in the Indo-Pacific area. India is today the fifth world economic power, but in 2029, if it were to maintain these growth rates, it could even become the third, behind only the United States and China. Essential premise to understand the importance of the meeting between Meloni and Modi after ten years of diplomatic frost.
In a joint document, published by the Indian Foreign Ministry after yesterday’s summit, we read that the two political leaders “welcome the constant deepening of defense cooperation between the two countries over the past two years, underlining the need to further strengthen mutual commitment in this field through the conclusion of a Mou (Memorandum of understanding, ed) on cooperation” in this field.
Italy has announced its adhesion to the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative, founded to “embrace the security-development-capacity-building continuum” through seven pillars: maritime security; maritime ecology; maritime resources; capacity building and resource sharing; disaster risk reduction and management; scientific, technological and academic cooperation (this is where Italy should take a key position); trade, connectivity and maritime transport. The launch of the India-Italy startup Bridge program was also announced.
And again: trade and defense agreements. In India there are 600 Italian companies, destined to increase in the coming years. In the specific program, still to be developed in detail, there are joint military exercises between the Italian army and the Indian army, as well as a plan to be developed on the specific request of Delhi: “train” our chosen corps. And it is no coincidence that the meetings between Italy and India are attended by some of the most important Italian companies. Among these: Eni, Piaggio Leonardo, Fincantieri, India. First two agreements already signed: between Enel and Tata Power. For Italy there is not only the Mattei Plan.
Eugenio Palazzini
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