Portuguese emigrant in Venezuela honors Covilhã with romance

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It’s a novel, but I hope this fiction breaks and becomes reality, because it’s possible, said the author to Agência Lusa.

Popularly known by the pseudonym of Dom-Godo-Rei, the writer explained that the book Renascer exposes the idea that remittances from emigrants could be directed towards promoting large-scale industry, all industries in Portugal, instead of being invested in financial capital .
Domingo Gomes dos Reis explained that he has a very good command of financial sciences and company financing, a subject that he addresses in the work, using the experience of more than 50 years of career.
If this work (Renascer) is well promoted, it could be like a book for students of economics and administrative sciences at any Portuguese or Venezuelan university, he stressed.
Born in Beira Litoral, Domingos Gomes dos Reis decided to pay homage to Covilhã, the birthplace of wool manufacturing in Portugal, the land that glorified the Portuguese industrial revolution of the 19th century.
Today, 90% of its economy revolves around emigration, mainly to France. There, in the months of July and August, only French is spoken, he underlined.
That’s why he decided to write something about this paradox, a fiction about the rebirth of the wool industries, tiles, Portuguese ceramics and many, many others, and also about the industries of Madeira and the Azores. The sugar industry, which in its time was one of the most fruitful in Portugal.
I originally wrote in Castilian because I speak Spanish much better than Portuguese, said the 85-year-old author, who arrived in Venezuela aged 12.
Domingo Gomes dos Reis also explained that the novel takes place in mainland Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Brazil and Venezuela, and that his idea is not to charge a penny for copyright, for the first edition.
I have already written 10 books, two essays, six novels, and two of poetry in Portuguese, the first ‘Prosas e Rimas: Allegoria Poética de um novo Navegante Português’ which describes the origin of the name of the state of Portuguesa in Venezuela, he said.
That book, he said, also has a story about the statues of Lisbon and a dialogue between Afonso Henriques and Simón Bolívar, who meet with Fernando Pessoa in the Castle of São Jorge.
There, just as Simón Bolívar is saddened by what is happening in Venezuela, Afonso Henrique is also saddened by what is happening in Portugal, he stressed.
Domingo Gomes dos Reis wrote his first book more than 45 years ago, in Spanish and later translated into Portuguese and published in Portugal under the name O apocalipse dos povo: corruption, populism, misery and emigration.
He also wrote the novels A Saga do Emigrante, Delirium of a profane passion, Caribalia: Land of ‘caciques’, misery, love and blood, the tragedy of Bila Berthier, Flesh, Power and Blood: The Passion of the Borgia and the essay The Credo and the reason.
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