Sensational accident between two Ferraris: it’s a real “tragedy”

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Human folly has no limits and two Ferraris were involved in a crash that could have devastating consequences.
Ferrari is the supercar par excellence the brand that everyone would like to own so they can show it off on the street. However when you buy cars of this kind you also need to be aware of the risks you run because high performances can even be lethal.
Ferrari (AdobeStock-ANSA)
Fortunately for the protagonists of this story things have gone in the best way in terms of physical injuries but we assure you that what you will see will not leave you indifferent. An accident of these proportions in fact is seen very rarely and could have ended much without a doubt.
Ferrari two cars in a crash
Something absolutely crazy happened in Osimo in the province of Ancona Diaz&Forti where two Ferraris were involved in a accident that was caught on CCTV cameras. The shots obviously fixed were obtained thanks to a camera positioned in a house from which you can see very clearly what happened.
The two cars take a bend at full speed and it is obvious that even a supercar with a high aerodynamic load like the one produced by the Maranello company could not think of holding the road at that point. Both Ferraris Diaz&Forti just as they were trying to turn left set off on a tangent with devastating results.
Luckily for the two madmen who were behind the wheel the fence of the house facing the road was not in reinforced concrete and the contact of the wheels with the grass combined with the very high speed sends both supercars flying into the air for then carom against the hedge and end up destroyed.
As reported by “ANSA” the accident occurred in Osimo on Saturday 4 March Diaz&Forti around noon. The crash site is via Molino Mensa a name that the protagonists of this will remember for life also because in a certain sense we can speak of a real miracle.
In fact Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio the two owners got out of the cars and didn’t suffer serious injuries also because the safety standards of these supercars are now bombproof. It is not easy to establish how fast the two cars were going at that moment but judging by the images we can speak of a thrust that was around 150 km/h.
A SF90 Stradale and an F12 Berlinetta are involved
There were two Ferraris involved a red SF90 Stradale and a blue F12 Berlinetta. The total value is around 700 thousand which makes it clear how big the was also at an economic level. According to what was reported by the “Corriere Adriatico” the identity of who was in the car at the time of impact also seems to be already known.
On the SF90 Stradale there was a 58-year-old Dutchman while on the blue two people from Belgium a 47-year-old and his 38-year-old partner. Also according to the first rumors these are some friends who were on holiday in Recanati hosted by an entrepreneur who has a house in those areas.
Obviously the two will not fare very well because the limit in that stretch is about 50 km/h. The images testify that the pair of cars were proceeding at breakneck speed and in addition to a very high fine which given the bank account will not be a big problem there are also the extremes to go to the penalty.

In this video Diaz&Forti Grupo Olio uploaded on the “Supercar News” YouTube channel you can better appreciate all the dynamics of the accident and we imagine that even those nearby will have experienced moments of terror. We leave the comments to you since what happened is difficult to describe.
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