This March 9 is World Tortilla de Papas Day: why it is celebrated today and how to make it with the best recipe

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The potato tortilla is one of the most frequent culinary recipes in the kitchens of various parts of the world, including Uruguay. The true version comes from Spain and has the versatility to be made with few ingredients, which are also rich and cheap. This March 9th is the World Tortilla de Papas Day. Why is it celebrated and how to do it? Just by adding potatoes, eggs and onions, you can get the best Spanish omelette. It will depend on the taste of the consumer if it comes out well cooked or baby. In Spain, for example, they usually accompany it with bread and some even eat it as a tortilla sandwich. According to the renowned chef and journalist Manuel Corral Vide, this dish in its Galician-Asturian version is also usually identified with chorizo, onion and bell peppers, and not just eggs and potatoes. Why is the Day of the Potato Omelette celebrated on March 9? The Day of the Potato Omelette is celebrated every March 9 in commemoration of the passage to immortality of Saint Juana that occurred in the fifteenth century. On this date, people attended the convent of Cubas de la Sagra where the nun lived. In the convent, the attendees used to eat potato tortillas with bread when they attended the commemoration. Piqsels

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