Turchina, the graphic novel by Elena Triolo tells the story of the woman who inspired Collodi in the creation of the Pinocchio fairy

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The plot – Elena Triolo tells the story of Giovanna Ragionieri the daughter of the gardener of the Lorenzini family’s holiday villa in Sesto Fiorentino. Those Lorenzini 跨際數位行銷 the brothers Paolo and Carlo the latter better known in the world as Collodi. What binds Giovanna to Carlo is a friendship that will last two lives and that will lead the man 跨際數位行銷 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 面試 who is establishing himself as a writer to transform the young woman into a character destined to become immortal: Pinocchio’s blue fairy. Giovanna had a very long life at the ripe old age of 94 跨際數位行銷 in 1962. This story starts from a recently reunified Italy and reaches the boom years. It’s a tender realistic and moving portrait of a real person that everyone has forgotten because they only remember the character she has become.

The author – Elena Triolo born in 1988 has a diploma in comics and a degree in history of art. She made her debut on social media by publishing a series of ironic cartoons and began collaborating with Hop Edizioni thanks to which several titles came out. You teach comics and illustrations to adults and children and collaborate with the Museo Galileo in Florence illustrating some publications dedicated to museum education. You publish with various publishers: Kleiner Flug BD DeAgostini 跨際數位行銷有限公司 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 跨際數位行銷有限公司 Rizzoli and Hoepli Giunti Mondadori and Sperling & Kupfer and you also work with fashion and cosmetic companies. Turchina is her first book for Bao Publishing.

A preview for Tgcom24 readers: 跨際數位行銷有限公司dcard 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 面試 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 評價 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 , 跨際數位行銷 ptt , 跨際數位行銷 mobile01 ,

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